The Kinship of the Herd

I've gained so much from being a part of The Kinship of the Herd community. Learning that the natural instincts and behaviors of horses can be a tool to help me change patterns in my own life, as well as within my family, is so enlightening. Even just recognizing and thinking about how I process the world and respond to it and the people (and animals) in my little world has brought me so much enrichment. - Jennifer from Woodstock, GA


I've had the privilege and pleasure of working (entirely remotely) with Kim and the Unbridled herd for several years. It would take pages to describe what this experience has meant to me. In short, being a part of the Unbridled community has offered me an invaluable opportunity to enjoy a deep sense of safety and belonging that does not come easily for me. This safe place has allowed me to feel emotionally supported, inspired, seen and heard. If The Kinship of the Herd, or any of Kim's content, energy, or messages resonate with you, I encourage you to trust that feeling. I am so grateful that I did!!!  - Barbara from Pottstown, PA

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kinship of the herd

The Kinship of the Herd

Join Kim Hallin as she shares exclusive behind-the-scenes video footage of the Unbridled herd and hosts monthly live Zoom gatherings where members grapple collectively with what it means to become healthier, more balanced humans who know how to nurture healthier, more balanced relationships and communities (much like horses do!). Here's what a few of the members have to say:

I've been in the 'Kim Orbit' for 4 or 5 years now. I have so much appreciation for Kim for putting this membership site together and bringing such an extraordinary group of people together. We all come from totally different places and we're all at different points in our work and our journeys, but the group is so willing to come together and share. Kim and the space are both so safe for exploration and growth. I feel really fortunate I'm able to be part of it! - Peggy from Honeywell Falls, NY

I was a rider all my life until I decided that it would be good for my health and aging body if I didn't fall off again! The Kinship of the Herd has been a wonderful way for me to stay connected and also admire horses from another angle. I wish I'd known it was possible to see horses this way sooner in my life! This group is a great way to learn about yourself as an individual and the role horses play in helping us sense and understand emotions. It's been a phenomenal experience for me to be part of everyone growing together! - Mary from Hartsville, SC

I'm especially appreciative that this is a space where you're welcome whether you're riding or not riding and that Kim embraces all viewpoints that have the horse's wellbeing at the center. I wasn't riding when I joined the Kinship, but I do ride again now. - Gerrianne from Monroe, WA

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