Finding Freedom Through Boundaries - 6 Week LIVE Course

"This course gave me practical ways to evaluate my own behaviors and make healthy adjustments that have truly improved my communication and mental well being. The length and variety of content really makes this course very accessible and reasonable to complete even in a busy lifestyle. That said, the LIVE zoom accountability meetings made all the difference in keeping momentum for me!" - Colleen

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Finding Freedom Through Boundaries - 6 Week LIVE Course

Next LIVE Class: August 6 - Sept 10, 2024

This six-week intensive is designed to provide unbridled accountability and support for students who chose to go "all in" and complete Kim Hallin's foundational course, Finding Freedom Through Boundaries in real time along with a live cohort of up to 15 fully-committed students

Kim knows how challenging it is to stay committed for the duration of a self-paced course. When life happens, it's just too easy to put the course on a back burner because there are no deadlines, no one's holding us accountable and, hey, we have lifetime access, right?! You promise yourself you'll get back to it eventually.

Except most people never do. 

Students enroll in Finding Freedom Through Boundaries for a reason! So why not commit fully to finishing the course in six weeks?

It feels amazing to be part of a like-minded herd community, supporting one another and putting what we're learning into action in real time! 

There's no better way to guarantee you're going to get a meaningful return on your investment.

Here's how the FULL SUPPORT version of the course works:

Immediate Access: As soon as you enroll you lock in your spot for the next LIVE program and gain immediate access to all the course content online.

Full Support Start/End Date: The first LIVE meeting will happen on Tuesday, August 6, 2024. The final meeting will be on Tuesday, September 10th

Weekly Zoom Call Time: Tuesdays at 12 noon EST (Chicago 11am, Denver 10am, Los Angeles 9am, London 5pm)  

Zoom Meeting Duration: 90 minutes 

LIVE Meeting Format: First 20 minutes is a review of that week's lesson, then sharing of individual wins and challenges, then Q&A.

Access: You can attend the weekly Zoom sessions live, watch the replay and/or participate in the course-specific Facebook Group (Full-Support students only).

Follow-Up: After you complete this six-week program you will likely want to continue implementing what you're learning. Kim will soon be launching an ongoing group coaching program for graduates of Finding Freedom Through Boundaries.

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