Walk the Path of Integrity 

by learning to set loving boundaries that honor you and your horse.


At Unbridled we're dedicated to helping horse owners stay true to your values. 

We know that liberation begins when you disentangle yourself from the storylines others would have you believe – about horses, about yourself, and about our shared planet. 

Join us as we cultivate an intentional herd community of compassionate horse owners who are committed to learning how to:

  • advocate unapologetically for our horses and ourselves.
  • no longer feel intimidated or silenced by the prevailing cultures of fear, control and dominance in the horse industry.
  • stand up (and together) against harmful practices, outdated belief systems and toxic expectations.
  • navigate uncomfortable situations with love while not shying away from hard choices.
  • embrace the high ideal that with great privilege comes great responsibility.

We know the values we want to live by and we’re here to do the hard work it takes to become the human custodians our horses deserve.

Imagine looking out over the treacherous terrain of the horse industry and saying, unequivocally: 




Wouldn't that feel awesome?

What if...

you had a trusted ally in your corner, one who doesn't dictate your path but rather serves as a beacon, guiding you toward the essential tools necessary to craft your own amazing narrative? Trust and authenticity will be the cornerstones of our partnership, ensuring a supportive environment where autonomy is revered, and guidance is tendered with grace. It's time to find your power and start advocating for your horse - and yourself - with love, confidence and courage.

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Client Testimonial:

How boundary work with Kim helped me find peace in my life with my horse

I began my online journey with Kim in 2021, at a time when I was desperate to find emotional comfort and safety, but also clarity around how to address issues I was facing with my beloved gelding, Quinn. 

When I found Kim, I had recently experienced a frightening incident while riding Quinn that left me scared, confused and somewhat heartbroken. I was utterly confused about if and how I wanted to ride him again, and what to make of our relationship if riding was not meant to be a part of our process going forward. 

I desperately wanted to do what was “right” by my beloved companion, as he deserved that.

I was painfully conflicted between what my instincts were screaming at me and what trusted barn friends and other horse “experts” were telling (and sometimes screaming at) me. The messages were very, very mixed. 

With the help of Kim’s loving, safe, and non-judgmental support (and I have a very high bar for deeming someone emotionally safe), combined with her profound wisdom, experience, and instinctive “knowing” about horses and their true nature, I can now say that I am at complete peace in my relationship with Quinn. I’m also at peace in my relationships with other horse people, even when we have differing opinions. 

Today I feel confident and secure in knowing that I am competent to make decisions around my horse's care and well-being: emotional, social, and physical. I can easily determine what is in HIS best interest, even when my choices are not always the most “common” or traditional approaches. 

It’s not always easy for me to follow my own heart, but Kim has helped me to learn to trust my own truth and inner knowing. This newfound confidence has also generalized to healthier boundaries with family and friends and I can honestly say this work has led to an overall more peaceful existence for me AND Quinn!

- Maria in Pennsylvania