1/2 Day Retreats at the Unbridled Farm

Ravenel, South Carolina

A friend and mentor once told me, "Space is grace." She was so right. 

We all need spaces of grace where we can slow down and connect with our intuition, reflect on our lived experiences and seek a higher perspective on ourselves and the world around us. I call this, "getting out of our own way."

What to Expect

Over the years I've honed in on what works best - for me, for participants and for the horses:

Three-hour (1/2 day) retreats are the sweet spot. Half-day experiences are long enough not to feel rushed and short enough that no one's ever quite ready for it to end. 

Customized experiences are my jam! If you're looking for a structured "one-size fits all" or cookie-cutter approach/method for self exploration or experiential learning with horses, you're in the wrong place. 

Planned spontaneity is my way. Learning about the natural lives of horses, exploring equine intelligence and engaging in the boundary dance are always part of the program, but beyond that I won't hold you, myself or the horses to any set agenda!


Retreat Group Sizes and Pricing


The Unbridled Farm is small, and unassuming. The work we'll be doing together is designed to be intimate. Groups are capped at a maximum of 20 participants. The smaller the group, the more personalized the experience will be. All retreat experiences for first-time participants include a brief orientation, guided herd observation, grounding exercises and facilitated organic interactions with the horses. Pricing is as follows:

Individuals or Couples (couples = any two people): $250 

Groups and Families up to 6: $500

Groups of 7-12: $750

Groups of 13-20: $1,000

Workshop and special event prices vary per participant.


I handle all scheduling personally! Time slots on my schedule are reserved on a first-paid basis. Payment can be made by check, credit card, PayPal or Venmo. Personalized payment plans are available on request. All sales are final. We will discuss weather contingencies and rescheduling options at time of booking. I wants to be sure you feel confident and excited about the commitment you're making!

Other Workshops & Special Events

Throughout the year I collaborate with other professionals to offer unique workshops on a wide variety of topics from Family Constellations with Horses, to The Circular and Seasonal Nature of Grief, to Equine Ethology and much more! 

Join my mailing list (form at the bottom of my home page) to be notified of upcoming workshops or use the Contact page to inquire about collaborating on a professional level. 

I also partner with Kimberly Mills to offer experiential learning with horses for children and families who otherwise would not have access through the Urban Equine Connection Program. This special outreach program is funded in part through the generosity of Shepherds of the Extended Herd at Unbridled.



"Every single time I have stepped foot onto Kim's safe haven of a property, I have left changed in such a profound way. Whether it be for a private mini-retreat or public workshop, the wisdom shared is something I will carry with me for the rest of my days.

Kim is able to listen in such a mindful manner, that alone makes each encounter so worthwhile. Factor in the observation(s) of the animals, and the insights embedded in those moments, and the whole experience is next level.

If you're wanting to show up for yourself and the life you want to live, and be present in a way you never have before, I highly recommend taking advantage of the services and resources Kim has to offer through Unbridled."

- Shayla Anderson, Founder, HERD Programs

Unbridled LLC

“Being with Kim and the herd was an amazing experience for me and my family. Through observation of the horses we learned much about boundaries and personal space as well as communication through body language.

When the herd offered their acceptance of us it filled our family with a self-confidence we didn't have before.

This experience was life-changing and powerful. There's no other way to describe it.”

Unbridled LLC

“Kim's group experiences are fun, relaxing and thought provoking - such a refreshing break and place to step back from our busy lives. Kim's easy going nature and beautiful farm setting will make you not want to leave!

The beauty of experiential learning is that you get to "see" or "experience" what internal changes look and feel like through your interaction with the horses and by observing the other participants. Sometimes reading or hearing about a shift you would like to make inspires you, but can be hard to execute. When you can experience what that positive shift feels like in such an authentic and safe setting, it becomes much easier to replicate those shifts in your life. ”

Unbridled LLC

“Kim is exceptionally intuitive and skilled in asking the right questions, reading and interpreting animal behavior, exploring the animals' responses and bringing it all home so that I can reach an understanding of what patterns within need to be transformed.

We all have a fear of something, and until we face that fear and acknowledge it, it cannot be shifted. Having a session with Kim and her herd is such a powerful way to reach a deeper understanding of oneself. Horses, in particular, are amazing mirrors in the journey of self-discovery. ”