At Unbridled we understand that liberation begins when we disentangle ourselves from the storylines others would have us believe.

About horses.

About ourselves.

And about our shared planet. 




Experiential Learning with a Higher Purpose

Drawing on the vast ocean of similarities between horses and humans, we aim to build a sea-worthy ship forged of the strongest emotional and energetic material there is: empathy.

We celebrate the potential for profound learning among and between our species, rooted in the shared genetic wisdom of a common, ancient mammalian ancestor.

Humans in the Unbridled herd stand proudly with horses, not just as our friends and comrades, but as our relations.

We consider horses to be part of our extended family here on Earth.

We’re eager to tap into the profound wisdom our four-legged fellow travelers have been quietly cultivating for more than 50 million years. This essential, evolutionary wisdom will guide us forward in navigating the turbulent tides of an ever-changing planet... together.

Welcome aboard the future of the horse-human relationship!