Hi, I'm Kim. 

I'm the owner/founder of Unbridled LLC and the author of Horse Wisdom: Life Lessons for Humanity.

The through-line of my life and work is that I look to nature (and horses!) for grounding, trustworthy information and reliable guidance. Horse wisdom has never let me down or steered me wrong, even in the face of seemingly complex situations and scenarios.

Living with horses has taught me to look (and see) beyond modern human perspectives and ideologies. Reconnecting with nature continually brings me back to the simple and profound truth that we are all descendants of indigenous ancestors. These ancestors all around the world knew how to live in symbiotic relationship with themselves, one another, the animals, the plants and our shared planet.

While there's no going back to what the world was like in those early days for humanity, I'm a firm believer that we need to carry the wisdom of our ancestors forward to heal our planet and usher in a new age of interdependence among all living species.

For now, I'm proud to be exploring new ways to:

  • educate the public about equine ethology and the value of wild-living horses.
  • collaborate with local growers, putting the excess manure from my farm to use nourishing the Earth and feeding our community;
  • facilitate paradigm-shifting experiential learning that encourages participants to look beyond traditional human thinking for the answers that can carry both species forward to a brighter, more integrated and more natural future.

As an equine owner and custodian, I commit to be ever-evolving and to begin laying the groundwork for a future where all horses will be able to live more naturally and autonomously, with a strong population actually living wild as a protected native species here in North America. The challenges inherent in disentangling humanity from our oppressive systems, traditions and mindsets regarding the Horse ensure that this work will not be easy, but my herd and I are determined to tackle it one open mind (and heart) at a time! 

My "Why"...

I grew up a suburban kid in St. Petersburg, FL. The only horses I had access to in my early childhood were the ones manufactured by Breyer. I learned to ride during Girl Scout summer camps and selected my college (St. Andrews Presbyterian College in North Carolina) specifically because it had an equestrian program. During my senior year in college (1992) I broke my neck in a "freak" riding accident that opened my eyes to the true nature of horses as prey animals. This experience set my soul on a decades-long (and ultimately fruitless) search to find the elusive "magic method" of riding and/or training that horses truly enjoy, consistently appreciate and feel naturally safe participating in. 

In order to support my obsession with horses I earned a masters degree in public administration and non-profit management from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (1998) and went on to build a 20-year career in higher education fundraising and administration. During that time I also got married, moved to South Carolina, purchased my farm and went through a divorce before ultimately taking a leap of faith in 2017 (at age 47) to launch Unbridled. The "why" behind this decision is best explained in a 6-part video series I created about my personal journey with a home-bred filly named Tempo (who's still part of my herd today!). My challenging and heart-breaking journey with Tempo ultimately gave me the courage to stop listening to the often-limiting mindsets and voices in the equine industry and start becoming a sincere advocate for the horses themselves. 

Today I've become a self-taught equine ethologist/behaviorist who is passionate about dismantling the myth that modern horses (which, despite domestication, are still biologically the same species that originated here millions of years ago!) need to be owned by humans to survive and thrive. Until we, as horse lovers, do the work required to free ourselves from false-beliefs and misinformation we will continue to play the role of unwitting or unintentional oppressors of the very animals we say we love. I believe the time has come to focus on truly saving horses, knowing that in letting go of our unhealthy attachments to keeping them captive forever, we will heal much of what's misguided in ourselves and the human species. 

The Unbridled Farm

I'm constantly told that my farm is a special and unusual place, but it shouldn't be! The animals here have no job except to be their authentic selves. Retreat participants have no responsibility except to honor the animals and THEIR OWN authentic selves. The atmosphere is intimate, unassuming and peaceful. Those who become regulars say it feels like they're coming home every time they return.

This unassuming 3-acre property may technically be "mine" from an ownership perspective but every eight-legged, four-legged, two-legged, feathered, winged, slithering and root-bearing being who spends time here is part of my farm family. This land is their home every bit as much as it is mine and every single one of them participate in their own unique ways to the experiential learning that occurs here. 


The Unbridled Herd

These are the current members of my domesticated (captive) animal family:


is brilliantly unapologetic about her boundaries.


is a wise and generous herd elder.

Relicario (Reli)

is curious and playful; he'll find your boundaries.


is our mustang Master Teacher. 

Bartholomew (Bart)

is abundance personified.

Creative Collaborators

These are a few of the special "creative collaborators" I work with regularly on outreach projects, non-traditional programming and expansive experiences.

Kimberly Mills

Kimberly is the Executive Director of Sweet J's Clubhouse and the co-founder of the Urban Equine Connection Program at Unbridled. She is the author of a book entitled My Truth: Enduring Death on Many Levels

Nancy Munoz

Nancy is the co-founder of FreeHorse Arts, a Richmond-based non-profit that customizes inclusive and integrative arts education and nature-based equine experiential learning for people of diverse abilities.

Chelsea Green, LPC

Chelsea is the CEO & Owner of Anu Beginning Therapy, LLC. Her therapeutic approach weaves together trauma-informed mindfulness practices, attachment theory, and systems theory. 

Bonnie Compton, APRN, BC, CPNP

Bonnie is an End of Life Doula, Conscious Living and Dying Coach, TEDx Charleston Speaker and Certified RTM Trauma Practitioner. She is also a Child and Adolescent Therapist, Parent Coach, and Pediatric Nurse Practitioner. Bonnie is the author of the book, "Mothering with Courage" and a Reiki Practitioner. 

Interested in Collaborating with Kim?

Reach out via the Contact page with your ideas and suggestions for collaborating with Kim on a workshop, retreat or special experience. Be sure to explain how your proposal aligns with Kim's work in the world.