At Unbridled we understand that liberation begins when we disentangle ourselves from the storylines others would have us believe.

About horses.

About ourselves.

And about our shared planet. 




Our Approach: Harnessing the power of herd observation, equine ethology, and real-life horse behavior footage, we provide practical insights and actionable strategies for establishing and maintaining healthy boundaries in your relationships with people and horses.

Empowerment Through Education: Our courses and programs are designed to help you find your voice, advocate for your horse, and embrace courageous authenticity. Our experiential learning opportunities allow you to apply newfound knowledge in real-time, deepening your understanding and connection––with horses and yourself.

Horse Sense Approach: Drawing inspiration from nature and the wisdom of horses, we offer a unique (and fun!) perspective on boundary-setting and communication.


At Unbridled, our mission is to empower horse owners to establish and maintain healthy boundaries in their interactions with others, especially in the horse industry. Through education, advocacy, and support, we provide the tools and resources necessary for navigating the complexities of human relationships within the equine community. By fostering empathy, understanding, and collaboration, we strive to help horse owners find more peace in their lives and in their relationships with their horses.


Our vision at Unbridled is a horse industry where individuals thrive in authentic and respectful relationships, free from the constraints of outdated narratives and power dynamics. We envision a future where healthy boundaries serve as the foundation for harmonious interactions among all stakeholders, fostering a culture of mutual support, growth, and collective wellbeing. Together, we can build a more inclusive and equitable equine community that honors the dignity and autonomy of every individual – horse and human.