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in addition to my online courses, there are three primary ways to work with me: 

A friend and mentor once told me:

"Space is grace." 

She was so right. 

We all need spaces of grace where we can slow down and connect with our intuition, cut out all the social media chatter, reflect on our lived experiences and seek a higher perspective on ourselves and the world around us.

Through my business (Unbridled LLC), I provide a space of grace at my farm in South Carolina where I facilitate 1/2 day retreats to help participants explore what it means to live in healthier relationship with horses, themselves and others. 

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 Whether you're feeling inspired, isolated, confused, lost or even just curious on your quest to navigate the equine industry more confidently, this is your invitation to join my subscription-based online community!

The Kinship of the Herd is a membership community for humans who love and admire horses and want to become better custodians of our shared planet. Join Kim as she shares behind-the-scenes personal stories and videos of her life with the Unbridled herd and hosts monthly Zoom gatherings where members grapple collectively with what it means to become the kind of human beings that horses (and our planet) deserve.


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Unbridled Mentoring is a gentle but intensive process of two-way interaction customized specifically for you and implemented over an agreed-upon period of time.

The mentoring process is designed to encourage a deepening of your understanding of who you are and a positive shift in the qualities of your relationships. Unbridled Mentoring participants report feeling more confident and experiencing greater peace and joy in their lives, including in their relationships––with both humans and horses.

Pre-requisite: Finding Freedom through Boundaries. Potential mentoring clients must complete the course before you can qualify to be considered as a mentoring client. 


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