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Facilitating meaningful change in the world requires a multiple-pronged approach. Here are five steps we can all take together that will help move the needle significantly:

1. Educate ourselves thoroughly on the situation and issues at hand. 

2. Take time to reflect deeply on our own choices and behaviors, identifying areas in our lives where we may be unintentionally contributing to the problem or systemic injustice at hand. Then make whatever adjustments are needed for greater internal and external alignment.

3. Join (or create) a like-hearted community. Not only will this help us feel less alone and more connected, but there is great power in numbers. And we all need others who can help hold us accountable. 

4. Take thoughtful action at a local level. This is often where we can have the greatest impact. 

5. Take thoughtful action at a state, national or global level.  Sometimes this means supporting larger organizations or efforts with the capacity to affect change at a policy or legislative level.

This website is designed to help you access resources related to all five steps.  We're in this together. I'm committed to doing my part. And because you've found your way here, I feel confident you want to do your part too. Thank you!

Now is the perfect time to become the change we want to see in the world, and the horses are giving us a very compelling reason.

                                                                 -Kim Hallin

Pick Your Point of Entry:

 Educate Yourself on Key Issues Related to Safeguarding Equus Caballus as a Keystone Species 

Are wild horses native to North America?

Why does it matter whether or not horses are designated as a native species?

What is a "keystone species" and how do wild horses benefit grassland ecosystems in North America?

What protections do wild horses currently have in the United States?

How is selective domestic breeding affecting the modern horse?

What is the current state of the equine industry, and what happens to horses if equestrian sport loses its social license to operate?

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Engage in Equine Inspired Self-Reflection & Personal Growth

A friend and mentor once told me:

"Space is grace." 

She was so right. 

We all need spaces of grace where we can slow down and connect with our intuition, cut out all the social media chatter, reflect on our lived experiences and seek a higher perspective on ourselves and the world around us.

Through my business (Unbridled LLC), I provide a space of grace at my farm in South Carolina where humans can come for 1/2 day retreats to explore what it means to live in healthier relationship with horses, ourselves and one another.


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 An Invitation to Join the Kinship of the Herd

 Whether you're feeling inspired, isolated, confused, lost or even just curious on your quest to envision a future where horses and humans live in healthier relationship with one another and the planet, please consider joining my online community!

The Kinship of the Herd is a subscription membership program for humans who love and admire horses and want to become better custodians of our shared planet. Join Kim as she shares behind-the-scenes personal stories and videos of her life with the Unbridled herd and hosts monthly Zoom gatherings where members grapple collectively with what it means to become the type of humans that horses (and our planet) deserve.

Proceeds from the membership community help fund my advocacy efforts.

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Take Action Locally!

Be consciously selective about which equine establishments you support with your business. Unfortunately, the traditional equine industry itself is often the biggest threat to the wellbeing of horses.

If you want to support the work I'm doing on behalf of horses, you can become a Shepherd of the Extended Herd at Unbridled.

Host a discussion group or event to build awareness about wild horses as a keystone species.

Never miss an opportunity to educate others about the social and emotional intelligence of horses, and what we can learn from them about becoming better humans. 

Evolve your own equine business to incorporate experiential learning with horses designed to benefit both species. Need help with this? Use the Contact Page to request/book a private consultation or brainstorming session with me!

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Take Action Globally!

Support organizations that are working on innovative solutions to protect wild horses and ensure their place as a protected native species, such as: 

Rewilding America Now

American Wild Horse Campaign

Save Our Wild Horses

The Cloud Foundation

Help spread the word about the plight of the horse and why saving this species can help us save our shared planet and shift humanity's relationship with the natural world.

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