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in addition to my online courses, there are three primary ways to work with me: 

Regular farm visits, including time spent with horses and in nature, offers tangible benefits to your health and wellbeing... including important rest and healing of the body, mind and spirit. 

At Unbridled we understand your desire for relaxation and the need to escape the never-ending cycles of stress in your life. There's also nothing that compares to learning about healthy boundary-setting from observing the masters: horses living in a herd!

Kim offers mini-retreats at her personal farm for both local clients and visitors who vacation in the Charleston, SC area.

After your introductory retreat session you may qualify to join the Horse-Powered Serenity Society, a subscription membership program that includes monthly farm visits at half the cost of "a la carte" retreat experiences at Unbridled. 

Are you ready to add this unique, powerful and FUN experience to your monthly self-care routine?

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Whether you're feeling inspired, isolated, confused, lost or even just curious on your quest to understand how we can look to horses as teachers and guides on our journey toward better "humaning", this is your invitation to join my subscription-based online community!

The Kinship of the Herd is a membership community for humans who love and admire horses and are looking for an intimate, welcoming, non-judgmental community to explore what it means to be in relationship with horses outside of the traditional paradigm of riding and training them.

This is where I post behind-the-scenes personal stories and videos of my daily life with the Unbridled herd and host monthly Zoom gatherings where we build community and grapple collectively with what it might mean to become the kinds of humans that horses (and our planet) truly deserve.


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Unbridled Mentoring is a gentle but intensive process of two-way interaction customized specifically for you and implemented over a 6-week period of time. The focus of this mentoring program is to support you in your boundary work.

The mentoring process is designed to hone in on a specific boundary challenge you're currently struggling with. I'll walk beside you and lend support as you learn to apply new skills and understandings to your situation. 

This is the next step in experiential learning, where I support YOU in practicing and embodying the foundational aspects of boundary work in the human world... all the while keeping the wisdom from the horses in our minds and hearts.

Pre-requisite: Complete the FREE Assessment Tool! Potential mentoring clients must complete the free assessment before you can qualify to be considered as a mentoring client. 


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