The Kinship of the Herd

Kim Hallin's online membership community

The Kinship of the Herd Membership Community is a sacred gathering space for those who feel called to journey with others (including Kim Hallin) in an ever-deepening exploration of what it means to be fully, intentionally, and authentically present in our own lives, engaged with the world around us (including horses and the rest of the natural world), and responsible in our roles as interdependent members of the community of life.

At the core of the membership experience is a robust interactive online course organized in seventeen modules that align with the seventeen chapters of Kim’s transformational book, Horse Wisdom: Life Lessons for Humanity.  

The Horse Wisdom Virtual Book Club (HWVBC) Course includes a rich array of supplementary resources and tools that members are encouraged and guided to utilize as we (the community members) explore, interpret, incorporate, assimilate, manifest and embody (individually and collectively) the many layers of wisdom introduced in the book. The ever-evolving resources are a dynamic mix of theoretical, practical and spiritual exercises/tools which Kim will continue expanding over time.

In addition to the HWVBC Course, subscribing members also have access to:

  • an interactive Members Forum for community building, support and sharing, hosted by Kim
  • A private blog, published by Kim, exclusive to The Kinship of the Herd community
  • Exclusive videos of Shiloh's (mustang) integration into the Unbridled herd
  • A monthly live Zoom small group discussion with Kim (recordings are posted for members who are unable to participate live)
  • Other personal development resources including exclusive questionnaires and YouTube videos

Unsure whether The Kinship of the Herd Membership Site is a good fit for you? If your answer to one or more of the questions below is YES, then there's a good chance you'll love it!

  • Are you someone who has already worked personally with Kim and/or the herd at Unbridled and who would appreciate being part of a like-hearted online community?
  • Would you appreciate having access to valuable resources that will support you in further integrating the lessons you've received from horses?
  • Are you someone who enjoyed reading Kim’s book and would like to dig deeper into the transformational power of Horse Wisdom?
  • Are you employed in a "helping profession" and interested in incorporating Kim's book (Horse Wisdom: Life Lessons for Humanity) into your own programs and services (with appropriate permissions and attribution)?

Still unsure whether membership in The Kinship of the Herd is a good fit for you? Email Kim Hallin at to schedule a complimentary 30-minute exploration session. 

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