The Horse Wisdom Virtual Book Club COURSE

This powerful course is for readers who want to dig deeper into the topics, themes and lessons introduced in Kim Hallin's book, Horse Wisdom: Life Lessons for Humanity. All enrolled students will receive a link to download a free .pdf copy of the book, making it easy to print specific pages or sections for personal use or to share as handouts for your own classes/students (educational purposes only). 

The core content for this course is a series of seventeen 90-minute video recordings plus interactive worksheets specific to each lesson in the book. The video recordings are dynamic, vulnerable and expansive small group discussions hosted live via Zoom by author/facilitator Kim Hallin. As of April 2023, the recordings for chapters one (1) through thirteen (13) are available immediately upon enrollment. Students who enroll prior to September 2023 will have the bonus opportunity to participate LIVE in any remaining upcoming virtual book club meetings (to be held monthly via Zoom from April - September 2023). Each new recording will be posted in the classroom 48 hours after completion of the live meeting.

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