Can Domestic Horse-Keeping Truly Be Horse-Focused?

This event is part of an ongoing monthly LIVE discussion series via Zoom called, "Bucking the system and ditching the hypocrisy in the horse industry", hosted by Kim Hallin. This series is designed to prompt forward-thinking equestrians to reflect even more deeply and honestly on some of the industry's most controversial, emotionally charged and “mis-information driven” topics. Together we’ll debunk myths, ditch the hypocrisy and gain greater clarity so we can show up in our lives (and with our horses and/or clients) much more cleanly and congruently! 

The discussion topic for April 18th is: Can domestic horse-keeping ever truly be horse-centered? And, if not, what does it mean to do our best to do well by the horses in our care?

Live participation ($35) is limited to 20 registrants. Recording-only purchases ($25) are unlimited. 

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