Horse-Powered Serenity Society: Subscription Membership Program

Pre-Requisite: You must be a returning client. New clients cannot enroll directly in this program without first being oriented to the farm and program. 

Overview: At Unbridled, we understand the value in (and necessity for) taking regular breaks from life's perpetual stress. This membership program is for individuals and families who've already experienced the serenity of the Unbridled farm and left with a profound sense of connection with/to the horses. This is your opportunity to commit to returning for regular experiences of profound peace and rejuvenation.

Intimate Connection, Every Month: Imagine dedicating two hours each month to immersing yourself in the tranquil rhythms of the pasture, surrounded by the gentleness of the herd... with Kim Hallin as your guide. Whether you prefer to come alone or with loved ones, flexible membership options are designed to meet your needs. Bring a journal, bring your camera, bring an instrument to play, bring your sketchpad, bring a blanket or yoga mat... or just bring yourself! Regardless, these monthly experiences promise to nurture your spirit and renew your sense of wonder.

Prioritize Your Wellbeing: You've already experienced the magic of Unbridled first-hand so you understand the transformative power of observing and communing with horses on their terms, in their element. Subscription membership ensures that setting aside time for monthly visits to the farm will be effortless. No more excuses about not having time for yourself—the financial commitment will already be made and your appointments can be pre-booked using an exclusive online scheduling tool with flexible rescheduling options so that life's unexpected turns won't throw you off track.

Membership Benefits:

  • Monthly Mini-Retreat: Enjoy a dedicated, organic 2-hour session with Kim and the Unbridled herd tailored to meet the evolving needs and desires of the YOU who shows up each month.
  • Exclusive Member Pricing: Deepen your connection with yourself and the horses for half the price non-members pay for similar retreat experiences.
  • Personalized, Flexible Scheduling: Use the exclusive members-only online scheduler to pre-select dates that work with your schedule and resonate with your soul. Subscribing members get priority scheduling and can schedule out 12 months in advance. 
  • Bring-a-Friend: Twice a year, share the serenity with someone special who shares your love of horses and your appreciation for the healing power of nature... at no extra cost.
  • Support for The Horses: Subscribership means the horses get to see you and their other favorite two-legged friends more regularly AND helps to ensure that Kim can provide high-quality care for the entire herd throughout the year.

Subscription Options:

  • Individual: $125/month
  • Couple (any two people): $175/month
  • Family: $250/month

Become a subscribing member today and embark on a journey like no other. Destination: lasting inner peace and connection!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is there a minimum number of months I must commit to?

A: No! You can start, cancel or re-start your subscription membership program yourself at any time. However, once your credit card has been charged for a particular month, you will not be reimbursed for that month. And, as soon as you cancel your membership any appointments you may have scheduled for future months will be automatically cancelled and those dates will become immediately available for other subscribing members or the public. 

Q: What happens if I can't make it one month? 

A: You're in complete control of your own scheduling! If there's a month you can't find a suitable appointment time, there are several options:

  1. Up to twice per year you can gift your monthly session to a friend or family member who is available. Simply notify Kim by email to seek advanced approval. 
  2. You can carry one session per year over to a subsequent month when you double-up (attend two retreat sessions in one month). You will need to notify Kim in advance and work together to find a mutually-agreeable date based on availability.
  3. Consider your monthly subscription fee for that month to be a donation to the herd. Since members pay 1/2 price for retreat sessions, you'll still be enjoying considerable savings throughout the year over non-member prices. 

Q: Why can I only gift my monthly retreat session to someone else twice per year?

A: The purpose of subscription membership program is to encourage participants to commit to a dedicated monthly self-care practice. Therefore, members may only gift two retreat session per year to someone else. If you'd like to share the Unbridled experience with others, as a subscribing member you can also bring one friend or family member with you up to twice per year. 

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